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Do you know if you suspension needs to be repaired? Usually, your vehicle will tell you in six ways.

  1. Truck rides rough

    Sometimes, it’s a bit normal to feel bumps in the road. However, if your truck can’t manage to stay steady on the road and ever ride feels like the wheels may come off, then that’s a common sign that your suspension needs work.

  2. Drifting or pulling during turns

    When your suspension begins to fail, you’ll often notice “drifting” or “pulling” during turns. To put it simply, your vehicle will feel like it’ll roll over during a turn. A bad suspension means that your vehicle’s body is no longer stable during a turn, and that’s the sign of an immediate repair.

  3. Strong dips or "nose dives" during stops

    A bad suspension can increase your vehicle’s stop time by almost 20%. This is because the shocks of your truck are heavily worn out, which will cause your truck to nose dive forward when you apply the brakes.

  4. Uneven tire treads

    Take a look at your tires. If you are noticing that uneven treading patterns on your tires, or bald spots, then you may have an issue with your suspension.

  5. Damaged, "oily" shocks

    If you are able, look under your vehicle at your shocks or struts. If they look oily, then it could mean that they are leaking fluid and are inoperable. If so, it’s time to get them replaced fast.

  6. Attempt the "bounce test"

    If you are having suspicions that your suspension is going bad, then attempt this simple test. With your vehicle “in park”, press down on the front of your truck with all of your weight. Next, bounce your weight on the front of your truck a few times and then release. Try these steps again for the rear of the vehicle. If your truck is bouncing or rocking 2-3 more times after the release, then your suspension is going bad.


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