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lifts + leveling kits

Leveling kits are meant to do exactly what it says...level the appearance of the vehicle to avoid sagging from front to back while providing a small amount of ground clearance. The front of the vehicle will be raised to match the rear end providing greater clearance for practical advantages as well as providing a more aggressive appearance.

Lift kits vs Leveling kits. Which is for you?
This really comes down to how you intend to use your SUV, Jeep or truck and personal preference. Lift kits are for a more rugged off-road use and tend to provide more lift/clearance than a leveling kit. Lift kits tend to be more expensive with more parts and lobor involved so your budget may be a factor in your decision as well.

No matter which way you go...we have you covered and can get your ride to the right height.

To make the proper choice that fits your needs and our team.
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  • Excellent service and the best quality parts and accessories. Best place to get all your Jeep or Truck accessories installed. If you want it done right, this is the place to go. Installed a 4 inch lift and 35 inch tires in my son’s ram 1500.

    Dale Briggs – Springfield, Ohio

  • Great customer service, and they take special attention to details. I would highly recommend.

    Jeff Turner – Dayton, Ohio