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Running Boards

Running boards, also commonly known as “step boards” are narrow steps that are added under the side of a truck, jeep, or SUV. Running boards are also safety mechanisms that aid drivers who have to step into larger vehicles.

Bar Side Steps

Originally designed to protect vehicles from lower body damage, bar side steps (also known as “nerf bars” and “side steps”, are treasured by truck drivers because of the way they look. Similar to running boards, bar side steps aid in the entry of vehicle. However, this particular mechanism doesn’t run the entire length of the board like running boards do. Instead, bar side steps provide a stepping surface at each entry point to your vehicle.

Rocker Bars

Rocker bars are a stamped piece of steel located on the sides of your vehicle, between the front and rear well openings. Unlike running boards and bar side steps, rocker bars serve the vehicle instead of the passengers. These tubular devices are designed to protect the vulnerable rocker panels during rock climbing and off-roading.

Hoop Steps

Hoop steps are small side steps used to only provide room for one foot at a time. Much like the running board, they are positioned under the vehicle to help with entry.

Power Boards

For those who want to avoid the bulk of a running board while having the same capabilities, power boards are an optimal solution. These devices will come out when your doors are open and retract when they’re closed, providing you with the same functionality of a running board without the space it takes up.

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